New impressions of the City Outlet Wuppertal

CO Wuppertal Interior.jpg

The Clees consortium introdruces latest details on City Outlet Wuppertal. The visuals, which are created by the architectural office ATP Frankfurt, are showing the indoor areas and the retail spaces in the historical Federal Railways Head Office. The Federal Railways Head Office from 1875 is the centrepiece of City Outlet Wuppertal. The characteristic architecture of the property will be maintained in the course of modernization. The building is going to be revitalized and prepared for the retail uses.

The unique character of the historical inner courtyard will be renovated with pillars and other historical elements to remain the character of the monument-protected building. City Outlet Wuppertal aims to create a shopping atmosphere as well a quality of stay and simultaneously maintain the uniqueness of the building.

he outside view highlights the this intention. The enlarged main entrance is emphasised by a frame and a mounted facade – without changing the appearence of the historical facade. Alexander Clees, project leader of the Clees consortium, is confident: „The new City Outlet Wuppertal is going to be a positive asset for Doeppersberg and the whole city Wuppertal.

utlet Concept satisfies all tenants
Appealing architecture and an sustained downtown location, both met with a positive response among potential tenants. Thomas Reichenauer, CEO of ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH, the future Center Management of City Outlet Wuppertal: „The letting negotiations with national and international fashion brands develop very favorably. At the same time the unique architecture of the outlet and the harmonic integration into the Doeppersberg cityscape are good rental arguments. Those aspects in connection with the coherent rental concept are essential to the attractiveness of City Outlet Wuppertal.

uppertal focuses on Outlet-Shopping
„Construction work is going very well. All the more we are pleased that the planning and the allocation of City Outlet Wuppertal are doing well“, says Lord Mayor Andreas Mucke. „We will create a new entrance to our city and present ourselves as city of the future. The City Outlet is an important element for this doorway.“

Dr. Johannes Slawig, town clerk of Wuppertal, underlines the importance of City Outlet Wuppertal for the city: „The leading outlet centre of the region belongs to Wuppertal. It is a key component of the urban developement of Doeppersberg and will contribute to boost the inner city. We welcome the new plans, which are developed in close cooperation with the monument protection authority.“

he construction of City Outlet Wuppertal will take place in three construction phases. In the first, the Federal Railways Head Office, with about 10.000 m² retail space, will contain up to 65 shops. The opening is planned for 2018. Currently the construction plan for the second and the third phase is developed under participation of the public. After the conclusion of the construction project in 2020, it will include 30.000 m² retail space.