Opening City Outlet Geislingen with Enie van de Meiklokjes, Christine Neubauer and Jana Ina Zarella


One year after starting construction work, it was time to open the “curtains” for the former “Fabrikverkäufe Geislingen”. On the 27th October at 10am,

Investor Sylvie Mutschler, Mayor Frank Dehmer and ROS managing director Thomas Reichenauer will welcome all visitors by traditionally cutting through the welcoming tape. They will be supported by TV moderator Enie van de Meiklokjes, actress Christine Neubauer and model Jana Ina Zarella, who will officially commence the celebration. The stars will also be involved in another highlight of the day. All brands, who are part of the City Outlet Geislingen, like Lindt, Gardena or Nachtmann have donated a little surprise for charity bags. For 5 Euros to charity, visitors were able to receive a bag full of surprises – and maybe even the chance to take a selfie with the celebrities, who stand behind the counter, actively selling the bags. All the profit will be given to the charity “Gute Hirte”, who

support families with difficult lives. However, it’s not only the management and the celebrities who are part of the celebrations: All shops have up to 70% discounts to the normal UVP, after they open their doors at 10am. A stand for children where they can carve pumpkins and get scary makeup will prepare the younger audience for Halloween. Food Trucks with specialties from Swabia and sweet treats, as well as a truck from the Kumpf brewery with the newly announced world cup winning beer, will guarantee a market atmosphere and the well-being of the customers.