Designer Outlet Soltau Extensions: Reports confirm positive effects for the town Soltau and the heath region


The Designer Outlet Soltau is an important pillar in the heath region, so now two independent studies confirm. The Outlet would like to grow in order to secure its competitiveness for the future. For this reason, the two consultancies Lademann & Partner (Hamburg) and IFT (Cologne) were consulted.Lademann & Partner analyzed the impact of the enlargement of the Designer Outlet Soltau on the regional retail. According to Boris Böhm, Managing Director, "negative urban and regional planning effects can be excluded." With the expansion of the Designer Outlet Soltau, an upgrade of brands and product ranges, more customers of the cities of Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen would come in the heath region.

At the same time, one would seperate more from regional retail, so Böhm. Another important result of the study clearly demonstrates that the Designer Outlet has positive effect on the image and on the investment decisions in Heidekreis of the last two years. 90 percent of companies, which were surveyed in the heath region are satisfied with their location and 40 percent have invested in large scale. The Designer Outlet Soltau currently has a total lettable area of 13,500 square meters, making it the smallest Designer Outlet in Germany. Both studies analyze precisely this correlation between size and competitiveness. "We come up against our development limits because of limited space. I am referring specifically to our sustainable competitiveness of the Outlet site in German and European comparison. We need to secure long-term growth through surface the location of the outlets, "concludes Sylvie Mutschler, Managing Director of the investor Mutschler Group.