Going the extra mile - the mission of
ROS Retail Outlet Shopping and their brand partners.

ROS Retail Outlet Shopping maintains a strong relationship with her brand partners. The partnership is based on mutual trust, honesty and open-mindedness. Apart from the centre standards and services, the individual shop is part of the whole shopping experience. It can strongly influence the centre image and customer satisfaction.Therefore ROS Retail Outlet Shopping arranges ongoing individual business review meetings with their brand partners to improve the performance in a sustainable way. The ROS Retail Academy contains retail standards, trainings and tools to motivate the shop staff and  improve the retail performance permanently. The mission is always 'going the extra mile' for customers. 

  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis

  • Customer Service Trainings

  • Intercultural Customer Service Trainings

  • Visual Merchandising Trainings

  • Loss Prevention Trainings

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Shop Promotion Services

  • Window of the Month Award

  • Meet & Greet Award